Drawing upon his successful experience at the top of elite sport, Clive is now working across various businesses to support teams and organisations to improve both individual and collective performance.

From executive coaching and workshops to cutting-edge digital learning, Clive and his team offer a range of services that allow businesses to engage with Clive in the pace and style befitting their culture, goals and strategy.

Clive delivering an innovative workshop.


Working with small or large groups Clive and his team deliver innovative workshops to create and reinforce a practical approach to performance. These workshops, which can be delivered in house or at inspiring venues or sports stadiums can be run as standalone sessions or as part of longer programmes of work ranging from 3-6 months.

One Team - Executive coaching programme:

The One Team programme is all about creating a culture in which teams can flourish. For many organisations, the stating point of their culture is their logos and values, but people's behaviours, their actions and the purpose that drives them is what's really at the heart of an organisations culture

Click here for more information on a sample One Team programme which is designed to help organisations bring their culture to life.

T-CUP Workshops:

Nobody is born with the ability to perform under pressure but most of us have to handle pressure every day; a big pitch, an important deal, a stressful meeting. The good news is that performing under pressure is something that can be coached.

Click here for more information on the T-CUP Workshops which enable your business to learn, think and perform like the world's best coaches and athletes.

Clive talking to an athlete.


Sport shows us that very few athletes get to the top without a coach. The coach’s role is to support and challenge in equal measure. Clive works with individuals and teams to help senior business executives think, prepare and perform like elite athletes.

Clive demonstrating his digital learning tools.


The way people learn is changing. In partnership with experts in digital learning Clive has created a number of inspiring resources for organisations, leaders and their teams.

Hive Learning - A collaborative learning app that helps leading organisations and coaching professionals maximise the impact of their investments in training and development.

TALENTED TO CHAMPION - A psychometric test, which evaluates and measures an individuals’ mental toughness.


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